Are you worried about your baby experiencing his/ her first cold? Stuffy nose and sleepless nights can leave your baby feeling anxious. In case of emergency, you can head to the Urgent care in New Braunfels for getting your baby treated for a cold.

However, if the cold is not that severe, you can treat it at home naturally.

Here’s a look:

  • Nurse, Nurse, Nurse
  • It has been observed that breastfed babies get fewer colds and recover quite faster with less severe symptoms. Breast milk is filled with powerful chemicals called antibodies. When a breastfeeding mother encounters cold, her body produces antibodies which are passed on to her baby when she breastfeeds, this boosts the immune system and help in fighting the virus.

  • Wear your baby
  • There are many benefits of baby wearing and they feel better being in an upright position. It allows congestion to clear and breathing becomes easier promoting restful sleep.

  • Unblock your baby
  • Babies can’t clean their nose until they are around 2 years, so you need to help. Spray a gentle saltwater mist up baby’s nose. It will cleanse excessive mucous in the nasal passage and will encourage the baby to sneeze and expel more mucous.

  • Boost immunity
  • Vitamin D and probiotics can help in strengthening baby’s immune systems. Known as sunshine vitamin, the bodies produces it naturally with exposure to the sun. The standard recommendation for breastfed baby is 400 IU daily.

  • Raise the bed
  • You must incline the head end of the bed for clearing the congestion, making sleep easier for your baby.

  • Humidify the air
  • Dry air which is made worse by central heating in winter can cause nasal mucus to thicken and build up. Using a warm vaporizer or cool air humidifier helps in clearing the nasal passage.

  • Use homeopathy
  • The homeopathic remedies are a safer alternative to standard cold and flu medications for babies.

  • Sleep it off
  • Sleep and rest are the keys to recovery from any illness.

    You can also consult the pediatric doctor at The Crossing Urgent Care for any remedies or medicines for pacifying your baby.

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