About Us

About Us

At The Crossing Urgent Care in New Braunfels, TX, our main goal is to provide our community with quality care. When you or your family member becomes sick or injured, we want you to know that you have somewhere that you can go that is going to provide you with high-quality care.

We have partnered with Riverside ER, so you know that regardless of what medical attention you might need, we will be able to assist you and get you on the road to recovery. We are prepared to assist our local community with both major and minor emergencies. Skilled physicians and physician’s assistants are ready to handle whatever may come their way. From sprained ankles to heart attacks, we are prepared to handle it all.

We are also proud to offer care that is available six days out of the week. We know that accidents and injuries could occur at any given moment and that these moments don’t always occur during the workweek. We want to provide your family with care that is not only top-of-the-line, but that is also convenient for your lifestyle.

For your convenience, we also strive to offer short waiting lines, and we also accept all major insurance plans. We see you and your family as valuable members of your community, and we are willing to go above and beyond normal expectations to provide high-quality urgent care without any hassle.

We also gladly accept walk-in patients. Accidents and injuries can occur suddenly and without warning, so we don’t expect you to try and schedule an appointment ahead of time. And with access to an on-site laboratory, we can take care of you in one visit. There is no need to worry about moving to another facility for lab work and tests.

At The Crossing Urgent Care, our team works hard to give you and your family the medical care that you deserve. If you have any questions or concerns about billing or the services that we offer, please contact us. We love walk-ins, but if your situation is especially urgent, please feel free to give us a call or fill out our online form to let us know that you plan to visit us. This will allow us to serve you more quickly once you arrive.

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