The 7 Most Common Injuries and Illnesses Seen at Major Multisport Games

The 7 Most Common Injuries and Illnesses Seen at Major Multisport Games

Have you ever played in a multisport event? These games can take a lot of energy and focus. Often times, people get injured due to the level of activity they participate in over a short period of time. There are many common injuries associated with these events, and the longer you play, the more susceptible you are to these injuries. If you ever get injured in any way that can be treated by an urgent care in 78130, The Crossing Urgent Care is here to help.

Most Common Injuries and illnesses

Injuries can be painful, especially when they come from multisport games. The seven most common injuries and illnesses that athletes experience are listed below.

Emotional Stress

When an athlete is exposed to significant pressure and a new environment, emotional stress is a common issue that is experienced. You are likely to become irritable if you haven’t experienced the busy nature of the athlete’s village, so be prepared!

Ankle Ligament Injuries

A common injury is related to the ankle, especially within higher contact sports. This is because the ankle is a sensitive area of the body. If an athlete is pushed either physically or to their limits, this can cause damage.

Experienced an ankle injury? Head to your local urgent care in New Braunfels off Highway 46.

Muscle Injuries

General muscle injuries, frequently found within the calf muscles and hamstrings, are common pains associated with high impact sports. These could include anything from running to football and occur from a stretching of a muscle.

Muscle pains can easily be treated at centers for urgent care in New Braunfels, Texas.

Upper-Respiratory Illnesses

Aside from physical external injuries, internal sicknesses can occur in athletes participating in multisport games. Upper-respiratory illnesses are common because the respiratory system is pushed to the limit.

Chronic Overuse of Limbs

You’re probably familiar with overuse injuries, especially if you’ve ever pushed yourself too far. Some common types of overuse injuries include tennis elbow and stress injuries of the lower extremities.

Hand Injuries

Another common injury found in multisport games are located in the hand. These can be caused by either overuse or extended pressure from sports like weightlifting or boxing.

Viral Illnesses

A final common sickness that can be obtained in multisport games are viral illnesses, which occur due to the spread of germs and bacteria around the games. To best prevent this, using hand sanitizer and effectively washing your hands can help.

Stay Healthy

Injuries and illnesses during multisport games are very common, so taking preventative actions can save you and your body in the long run. If you do end up getting ill, a top urgent care in New Braunfels can help. The Crossing Urgent Care is known as a great urgent care in New Braunfels, TX, so be sure to reach out for help after your games.

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