Where to Take Your Sick Child for Care

Where to Take Your Sick Child for Care

Everyone knows that caring for a sick child can be a difficult task. Every parent or guardian wishes their kid a healthy, happy life, and when they’re sick or not feeling well, this can seem difficult. Depending on how sick your child is, different levels of care may be needed. These include either visiting an emergency room or an Urgent Care in New Braunfels, TX. Determining this can be a difficult process especially if you’re unfamiliar with what the symptoms may entail. Always be sure to check in with your physician first or call their after-hours phone number before acting. If you’re confused about where to take your child when they’re sick, some options are outlined below.

Go to the Emergency Room

The emergency room, known as the E.R., should be used in any situation deemed as an emergency. These can be on the grounds of any form of trauma or issue that is life-threatening. Some reasons where you should consider taking your child straight to the emergency room include:

  • If there is a large open wound, broken bone, or significant burn
  • Your child consumed a poison, foreign object, chemical, or drug of some kind
  • Your baby under the age of two months has a fever at or above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • If your kid is showing signs of a seizure
  • Your child is having trouble breathing properly

If your child doesn’t seem to need a visit to an emergency room, check out The Crossing Urgent Care, an urgent care in New Braunfels on Highway 46.

Visit an Urgent Care Center

Sometimes, if you have a sick child the illness may not be life threatening or a form of medical emergency. You can identify this situation by observing that your child is able to function normally and perform daily tasks like walking and talking. Visiting an urgent care center will save you both valuable time and money, especially if your child doesn’t need an emergency room visit. Unsure of reasons you’d take your child to an urgent care center? Reasons could include your child having symptoms of:

  • The flu
  • Sinus congestion like coughing and stuffy noses
  • Minor muscle sprains, bone breaks, and burns
  • Apparent rashes
  • Pink eye

If you’re looking for Urgent Care in New Braunfels, The Crossing Urgent Care can help you out. As one of the best urgent care centers in New Braunfels, Texas, you can be sure that your child will be in great hands.

Think Clearly and Calmly

The best thing to do for your child in a situation where they’re sick is by staying calm and keeping a clear head. Worrying will not do any good, but it can cause harm if your head isn’t properly in the game. Be sure to analyze the situation properly and handle it in the best manner for your kid. Whether your child is in need of urgent care in 78130 or an emergency room visit, you can feel comfortable and educated to handle the situation in the right way.

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